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For Fiscal Year 2015, the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) focused on making it easier, faster, and friendlier for customers to conduct their business with the agency.

DC DMV had several achievements throughout the year that were specifically designed to improve the public’s interaction with DC DMV.

At the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1, 2014, we implemented the request for reconsideration process. This allows customers who have contested a ticket and been found liable to resubmit their ticket for adjudication and provide DC DMV with new or additional evidence for the hearing examiner to review. Customers may also submit a request for reconsideration if they believe an error was made during the adjudication process, or if there is a need for further discussion about the ticket issue.

One of the benefits of the request for reconsideration process is to reduce the number of appeals that the agency receives.

We have been highly successful in achieving this goal, as the number of appeals DC DMV received in Fiscal Year 2015 was reduced by 75 percent.

“Skip the Trip!” DC DMV is a motor vehicle industry leader in providing its customers with more than 45 online services, enabling them to “skip the trip” to a service center and conduct their DC DMV business online at their convenience. We added seven new transactions to our online portfolio, including the ability to check the mailing status of a driver license or identification card and apply for a disability placard. Throughout the year, we encouraged our customers to visit our website at dmv.dc.gov and visit DC DMV on their schedule.

In Fiscal Year 2015, we also rolled out a new Knowledge Test system and began offering the test in 15 different languages to meet the needs of our customers.

Please take a moment to read this annual report and learn about DC DMV’s progress and financial outlook.

How did Adjudication Services make it easier, faster, and friendlier to do business with DC DMV?

We made it easier for customers to provide us with new or additional information regarding their tickets by implementing the request for reconsideration process on October 1, 2014. The implementation of the request for reconsideration process has reduced the number of appeals submitted to the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board (TAAB) by 75 percent.

We made it faster by enabling customers to submit their request for reconsideration and supporting evidence online as well as by mail.

We made it friendlier through thorough employee training and adding a ticket ombudsman to our staff, specifically to assist customers with the adjudication process.

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How did Vehicle Services make it easier, faster, and friendlier to do business with DC DMV?

We made it easier for disabled customers who often have difficulty visiting the service centers to obtain disability placards by implementing the online application.

We made it faster for customers by implementing the Full Reciprocity Plan, which makes the International Registration Plan more efficient, equitable, and flexible by granting full

reciprocity for all apportioned vehicles in jurisdictions that are members of the International Registration Plan.

We made it friendlier for customers by encouraging and motivating employees to provide excellent customer service through annual customer service training.

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How did Driver Services make it easier, faster, and friendlier to do business with DC DMV?

We made it easier for customers to find out the mailing status of their driver license. Residents can track the mailing status of their credential by using the agency’s online mail status tracking tool.

We made it friendlier by working collaboratively with the Federal Correctional Institute and the Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizen Affairs to meet with residents who are returning citizens and assist them in clearing their driver record.

Our employees will meet with residents who are scheduled to be released within six months and provide them with guidance on how to address outstanding DC DMV issues.

We also made it friendlier by expanding the number of languages for the Knowledge Test. It is available in 15 different languages to meet the needs of the District’s growing and changing demographics.

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What else did we do to make it easier, faster, and friendlier to do business with DC DMV?

We made it faster for customers to obtain approximate wait times at the service centers by implementing online real time waiting area webcams that assist customers in avoiding peak times.

How is DC DMV going to serve you better in the future?

We will be opening a new service center in Southeast. Benning Ridge is expected to open in March 2016. It will be DC DMV’s largest facility filled with more workstations, more seats, and advanced technology, enabling DC DMV to serve you easier, faster, and friendlier. With the opening of Benning Ridge, we will close our longtime service center – Penn Branch.

In Fiscal Year 2015, 401,570 people visited DC DMV’s four service centers and Brentwood Road Test Office.

We made it faster by starting the process to update the Inspection Station. With more modern software and equipment available, the agency started the process to update the equipment, make improvements to the structure, and consolidate services.

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How does DC DMV serve the larger Washington, DC community?

Organ Donors Percentage on Active Drivers/ID Card Holders by Age

Active licenses are those that were active, suspended, revoked, disqualified, or expired within the last 90 days from September 30, 2015. Active ID Cards are those that were active or expired within the last 90 days. Organ donors are customers who have opted for YES for the organ donor option.

We support organ and tissue donation. In addition to asking residents if they want to be a donor and placing the symbol on their driver license or identification card, District of Columbia residents who would like to make a monetary donation to DonateLifeDC can do so with any online or in-person transaction in which the agency collects money.



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DMV Locations

Adjudication Services
301 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Brentwood Road Test Office
1205 Brentwood Road, NE
Washington, DC 20018

Commercial Driver License Road Test Lot
2390 South Capitol Street, SE
Washington, DC 20032

Penn Branch Service Center
Penn Branch Shopping Center
3220 Pennsylvania Avenue,
SE Washington, DC 20019

Rhode Island Service Center
(Located in Rhode Island Row at the Corner of
Rhode Island Ave., NE (Near CVS) and Washington
Place, NE and closest to Rhode Island Metro)
2350 Washington Place, NE
Suite 112N Washington, DC 20018

Southwest Service Center
95 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024

Georgetown Service Center
(Located in Georgetown Park Mall
next to DSW)
3222 M Street, NW
Canal Level
Washington, DC 20007

Inspection Station
1001 Half Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024